What Online Casino Games Do Canadians Play Most?


As recent stats show, Canadian gamblers are so in love with slot machines. Every second player comes to a real online casino Canada to spin the reels of their favourite one-armed bandits. So that regular gamblers do not get bored of playing online slot machines, new online casinos Canada regularly update the gaming catalogues. Studios from year to year release new machines. But let’s take a look at the big names that have already won the hearts of Canadian gamblers.

Top Popular Slot Machines

Slots developers release dozens of new online casino games Canada every year. And some of them turn out to be so interesting that they deserve the attention of almost every gambler. Here are some of the names that will stay in the hearts of gamblers just forever:

  1. Troll Haven – It is a slot that brings the game to the fantasy world. The developers of the slot invite the player to visit the refuge of the trolls, mythical creatures with huge treasures. But to get some of their wealth, the player will need to complete a quest. This path is not easy, but the reward is worth it.
  2. Riches of Robin – It is a game for those who read the story of Robin Hood as a child. It is about an unusual robber who robbed the rich and gave the money to the poor. But, probably, not everything went to charity, and Robin managed to save up a considerable amount.
  3. Pirates Smuggles Paradise – This machine is for those who want to go on a big voyage, face dangers and find countless treasures. The gambler’s game features atypical game mechanics, wonderful graphics, and quality musical accompaniment.
  4. Crazy Monkey – This slot throws the player into the impenetrable jungle, where one crazy but lucky monkey lives. The animal is constantly looking for something to profit from and have fun. And when it manages to find the target, the player gets a solid win.
  5. Book of Ra – This slot has been the second most popular slot machine for many years. Gamblers like the simplicity of the gameplay and the unique atmosphere in it. This machine takes the player to the desert of the Ancient Egyptian Kingdom. In the depths of the pyramids, the gambler needs to try to find treasures. On the way, one meets many traps. But the reward is so great that it encourages every time to step over fear and take the next step towards wealth.

Of course, many players give preference to traditional entertainment as they play online casino Canada. But it is slot machines that boast huge popularity among Canadians.